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Advanced Energy Solution Reduxi Unveiled at Intersolar Fair with Partners TAB Batteries and GL Charge

Our team attended the prestigious Intersolar fair which took place from 13-16 June in Munich, where we showcased our revolutionary solution, Reduxi - Energy Management System, in collaboration with our partners, TAB Batteries and GL Charge - Smart EV Charging Stations. At the fair, we presented the incredible advantages of integrating the Energy Management System with Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and EV Charging Stations, which are truly game-changing.

The collaboration offers numerous benefits:

1️⃣ Optimal energy utilization: Harnessing the power of intelligent energy management, our system ensures a seamless charging experience while maximizing efficiency. By utilizing real-time data and sophisticated algorithms, our system optimizes charging schedules and prioritizes renewable energy sources, taking sustainable mobility to new heights. 

2️⃣ Cost savings: Through advanced load management and demand response capabilities, users can take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, significantly reducing their charging costs. Additionally, by optimizing energy usage and mitigating peak demand, expensive infrastructure upgrades are eliminated, revolutionizing the economics of electric vehicle charging.

3️⃣ Extraordinary user experience: Our integrated solution goes beyond functionality to deliver an exceptional user experience. With Reduxi and GL Charge, drivers can effortlessly schedule charging sessions, monitor their charging status remotely, and receive real-time notifications, all at their fingertips. It's the perfect blend of convenience, control, and satisfaction. 

On the BESS side, the benefits include:

1️⃣ Store excess energy: Say goodbye to wasted energy! By storing excess energy during peak production periods and utilizing it during high demand, you can effectively manage your energy needs. This reduces reliance on the grid, slashes electricity costs, and supports a sustainable energy future.

2️⃣ Higher energy efficiency: Get the most out of your energy usage! When energy storage systems work hand in hand with energy management systems, you can optimize how you distribute and utilize energy. This not only boosts overall energy efficiency but also helps create a greener and more sustainable world.

3️⃣ Cost savings and better returns on investments: Energy storage systems contribute to significant cost reductions through mechanisms like time-of-use optimization, avoiding peak demand charges, and maximizing self-consumption of renewable energy. This leads to long-term savings and better financial returns on energy investments.


During the fair, we had the opportunity to make great connections and hold fruitful meetings with potential clients. The response to our innovative energy management solutions was overwhelmingly positive, and we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. These meetings have further reinforced our commitment to driving the clean energy revolution and transforming the future of sustainable mobility.

The collaboration between Reduxi, TAB Batteries, and GL Charge sets a new benchmark in the field of energy management and electric vehicle charging. It empowers users with advanced control, cost savings, and a greener energy future, making electric mobility more accessible and sustainable than ever before.