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How do you control your energy consumption? Meet Reduxi – more than just a smart meter

Electric meters measure the flow of electricity used in our households, buildings, industries, or business premises. These meters are found in every household and company that consume electricity. Today, there are several methods and technologies for measuring the consumption or production of electricity. We know classic induction counters, electronic meters, countdown meters, so-called smart household meters, system meters, advanced meters and many more. In general, they are all called (except classic induction meters) electronic meters.

The offer of electricity meters in Slovenia includes various meters that differ in their characteristics, such as the measurement of electricity consumption, data transmission, and remote controllers. If we want to monitor the electricity consumption of each individual device, then an additional meter for each device is needed. In this case, we do not have an overview of the entire circuit of electricity in our home and we cannot set energy consumption priorities, or limit and control consumption in real-time.

Avoid buying unnecessary meters and manage your solar power inverter via REDUXI Energy Management System

The answer to described market challenges is Reduxi – your assistant in managing the consumption and production of electricity, which is the product of Slovenian knowledge and innovation. Connect Reduxi to SODO meter and thus obtain data that Reduxi uses to manage the generating power of the solar power plant without installing additional meters.

We took a closer look at 2 electronic meters and compared their features with Reduxi system:

The comparison from the table above shows that SolarEdge and Inepro electronic meters compared to Reduxi no longer support the communication protocols used to exchange data between devices (Modbus, Modbus TCP, M-Bus, DLMS / DLMS - push) and they also don’t enable LAN connection or Wi-Fi wireless connection. Moreover, electronic meters don’t provide the connection of all electrical devices and the possibility of managing them.


How to monitor multiple devices and manage energy smartly?

Reduxi is more than just a smart meter, it is a technologically advanced solution that, based on advanced algorithms, measures and analyzes the use of electricity instead of you. In addition, it can manage all connected devices and set the desired values.


All electrical devices are managed and monitored in one REDUXI application

You can connect different devices to Reduxi system, such as: charging stations for electric vehicles, heat pumps, electricity storage, solar power plant, and others, and monitor and manage them in one control panel, application. You can also connect devices that use outdated communication protocols to the system, as we have developed converters that enable connection to Reduxi.


Save on the purchase of meters and optimize the consumption of electricity

Using Reduxi, the overview of energy consumption is in your hands, which means you can monitor electricity consumption data on computers as well as on smart devices in real-time, changing consumption strategies and thereby enabling greater energy efficiency and lower energy consumption costs. Avoid buying unnecessary meters and connect your home to a self-suficient unit with Reduxi system.

The power of energy management is now in your hands.