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Reduxi: Simplifying Energy Management through a Connected Hub Interface

Energy management is essential for efficient and sustainable infrastructure. To achieve optimal energy efficiency, the devices that store, produce, and consume electrical energy must communicate with one another. Reduxi provides a hub interface that connects these devices. With Reduxi, companies can focus on their own logic development while leaving the communication management to the hub interface.

Connect & Use.
Connect & Use.

Reduxi uses the MQTT communication protocol, a lightweight protocol connecting different devices regardless of technology. Reduxi is scalable and can handle up to 50 devices per Reduxi controller. Multiple Reduxi controllers can be used to increase the number of connections.

 Flexible modular controller.
 Flexible modular controller.

The benefits of using Reduxi include reduced development time, improved efficiency, increased reliability, and lower costs. Reduxi eliminates the need for companies to develop their communication protocols, freeing up time and resources to allow companies to focus on developing their own logic. Reduxi provides real-time communication between devices, which reduces energy loss and helps to ensure that the energy infrastructure operates optimally.

Reduxi can be used with various devices that store, consume, or produce electrical energy, including heat pumps, solar power plants, and batteries. These devices can be connected to Reduxi, which provides real-time communication with other devices in the energy system. The devices can be monitored and controlled through the hub interface, which allows the system to respond to changing conditions, such as a sudden increase in demand.

All electrical devices in one place.
All electrical devices are in one place.

Companies such as ECE and SunContract are already using Reduxi, demonstrating its effectiveness in simplifying energy management through a connected hub interface.