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How Reduxi is enabling flexibility of the grid

Enlit World is writing about Monetising flexibility as a fix for grid congestion. How Reduxi can help?

#1 Let's connect devices

In order to monetize flexibility in houses, we need to connect devices that consume or produce a larger amount of electricity and can be regulated in order to provide flexibility. For example, heat pumps, charging stations, solar power plants, and batteries.

Reduxi main advantage is the ability to connect different devices from different manufacturers and read data and control them as one whole unit. While development progresses new and new devices are added to the list of Supported Devices by Reduxi controller.


Reduxi Controller.
Reduxi Controller.


We support any enterprise object, for example, restaurants, and car shops that would like to become more self-sustainable.

Our current soft limit is connecting up to 50 devices per Reduxi controller and we can connect multiple Reduxi controller in one object.

#2 How energy trading platforms can connect to Reduxi?

We offer 2 ways of connecting to Reduxi controller. One is using MQTT method that allows you read measurment data directly from Reduxi controller and the second is connecting to Reduxi Cloud API.

#3 MQTT method

MQTT is a lightweight, publish-subscribe, machine to machine network protocol for Message queue/Message queuing service


MQTT connection allowing partners read data from devices in unifed way.
MQTT connection allowing partners read data from devices in a unifed way.


#4 Reduxi Cloud API

The second way is to connect to our Reduxi Cloud API. In this case, Reduxi is sending data to the Reduxi Cloud database and API provides access to the aggregated data with ability to filter data by query parameters.


Optionally, data can be sent to Reduxi Cloud
Optionally, data can be sent to Reduxi Cloud


Partners can then easily connect to Reduxi Cloud API, an example can be seen bellow for measurement data.


Reduxi Cloud API - JSON response.
Reduxi Cloud API - JSON response.


#5 Our partners

It is nice too see Reduxi is being used by Elektro Celje Energija company, Porsche Moon project and SunContract energy trading platform.