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Reduxi as a part of comprehensive sustainable solution Moon Porsche Slovenia.

Tiskovna konferenca Porsche Slovenija
(Left to right) Aleš Nastran, director of Amibit, Miha Levstek, director of company Etrel, Roman Burja, director of company TAB Mežica, Danilo Ferjančič general director of Porsche Slovenia, Marko Lukić director of company Lumar and Dušan Lukič, New Mobility Project Manager from Porsche Slovenia.

On Thursday, October 20, we attended a press conference at the invitation of the organizer and our business partner Porsche Slovenia. The press conference was held in ID.Hub in Aleja on the topic of sustainable solutions in the area of e-mobility and self-sufficiency. We had the opportunity to present how our Reduxi energy control and management system co-creates a green future in cooperation with Porsche Slovenia and other companies.

Poslovni partnerji podjetja Porsche Slovenija
Company Amibit, business partner of Porsche Slovenia in the development of the brand Moon.

The first man of the Porsche Slovenia Group, Danilo Ferjančič, emphasized in his opening speech that e-mobility is entering our lives, whether we want it or not. He warned that we must be prepared for the changes that are related to this. That is why, a few years ago, they decided to start developing a comprehensive solution in the area of sustainable e-mobility under the Moon brand. 

Moon e-mobilnost in samooskrba
A look into the future of Moon e-mobility and self-sufficiency. 

The brand Moon, along with our company Amibit, brings together other renowned Slovenian companies such as Etrel, TAB Mežica and Lumar, which develop their own solutions for a green future. We participated together in a round table where we discussed the development of solutions that enable greater energy self-sufficiency and optimization. The round table was attended by Roman Burja, CEO at TAB Mežica, Miha Levstek, director at Etrel, Marko Lukić, director at Lumar, Danilo Ferjančič, DG at Porsche Slovenia and our director Aleš Nastran. Matjaž Vidmar, director at Elnet also took part in the conversation.

Okrogla miza
Round table with the co-creators of the sustainable solution Moon.

Answering the question by Dušan Lukič, New Mobility Project Manager at Porsche Slovenia, whether an individual will be able to survive in terms of energy in the future if he does not change his habits, our director Aleš Nastran said:

"He will be able to survive, but it will be very expensive. That is to say, in the future, we do not imagine that users will be able to reach - let us say - normal electricity prices with the same comfort without digitalization of final consumption and a system for adjusting consumption in houses, because consumption will increase exponentially and the grid - as already heard today - will not be able to handle this consumption. And we do not have the money and time for a complete renovation of electrical infrastructure in the following 10, 20 years."


We are honoured to have been invited by Porsche Slovenia to participate in the development of the comprehensive Moon e-mobility solution. At the press conference, our director Aleš Nastran had the exceptional opportunity to present the innovative solutions of our company Amibit.

Krmilnik Moon
Controller Moon, developed by Amibit.

With our own Reduxi system, we developed optiMOON, a comprehensive energy management system that changes the attitude towards energy use and co-creates a sustainable future.

"The optiMOON system enables the control and management of devices such as solar power plant, heat pump, air conditioner, energy storage system, charging station or a system for managing smart devices in a private home or in business premises". Dušan Lukič, New Mobility Project Manager at Porsche Slovenia. 


As Reduxi enables greater activation of electricity consumers and a more stable grid for distributors, it consequently optimizes energy use and electricity costs. Find out more about our innovative Reduxi solution here.

The press conference was an excellent opportunity to throw light on upcoming challenges in sustainable solutions and e-mobility. We are glad that all the participants of the round table are motivated for further cooperation in creating a green future.


Reduxi as a part of comprehensive sustainable solution Moon Porsche Slovenia.

We are honoured to be part of the sustainable and green solution Moon Porsche Slovenia. At a press conference, organized by Porsche Slovenia, our director Aleš Nastran had the opportunity to present how our energy management system Reduxi co-creates a green future.

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